Profile of Archival Holdings

General Convention, The DFMS, and the Primate
The Archives of the Episcopal Church is the official repository for records of the Church’s General Convention, its committees, boards and agencies, and the corporate body of the national Church, the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Included in these umbrella bodies are the various program and administrative offices of the Episcopal Church Center in New York City. The official papers of the Primate and the Office of the Presiding Bishop are also located in the Archives. Official records are open after 30 years except closed personnel and personal records.

Canonical Commissions, Committees, Agencies, and Boards
The gathered Church operates between triennial meetings of the General Convention through canonical entities that have an official mandate to prepare the Church for new initiatives in the area of mission, mission support, ministry and governance. The proceedings of these agencies are open to research. The following official bodes of General Convention have deposited records with the Archives:

Session Records of the General Convention of The Episcopal Church

The Executive Council

The Court for the Trial of a Bishop
The Court of Review for the Trial of a Bishop

Standing Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns
Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons
Standing Commission on Domestic Mission and Evangelism
Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations
Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music
Standing Commission on Ministry Development
Standing Commission on National Concerns
Standing Commission for Small Congregations
Standing Commission on Stewardship and Development
Standing Commission on the Structure of the Church
Standing Commission on World Mission

Joint Standing Committee on Nominations
Joint Standing Committee on Planning and Arrangements
Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance

The Board of the Archives of the Episcopal Church
The Board for Church Deployment
Episcopal Relief and Development
Forward Movement Publications
The General Board of Examining Chaplains

Affiliated Episcopal Church Organizations
The Archives documents the diversity of organizational life in the Church. These archives include not only historical entities, but also many active organizations that work with the Archives to preserve their institutional memory. Among the affiliated organizations that have recently designated The Archives of the Episcopal Church as their records and research repository are:

Assembly of Episcopal Hospitals and Chaplains
Associated Parishes
Association of Anglican Musicians
Association of Diocesan Liturgy and Music Commissions
Board of Foreign Parishes
Brotherhood of St. Andrew
Church Army
Church Periodical Club
Conference on the Religious Life
Episcopal Appalachian Ministries
Episcopal Awareness Center on Handicaps
Episcopal Church Women of Province IV
Episcopal Church Women of Province VII
Episcopal Conference of the Deaf
Episcopal Partnership for Global Mission
Episcopal Society for Ministry on Aging
Episcopal Society for Ministry in Higher Education
Episcopal Women's Caucus
Evangelical Education Society
The Girls' Friendly Society
The Guild of the Scholars of the Episcopal Church
Historical Society of the Episcopal Church
Integrity, Inc
The Living Church
National AIDS Memorial
National Altar Guild
National Episcopal AIDS Coalition
National Episcopal Historians and Archivists
National Network of Lay Professionals
North American Association for the Diaconate
Order of the Holy Cross
Order of Julian of Norwich
Southwestern Network for Women's Ministries
The Witness (Episcopal Church Publishing Company)

Historical Organizations
The Archives is the repository for records on a host of local and national Church organizations. Many of these organizations have ceased to exist or their ministries have been assumed by other groups. The following list is a sample of recent acquisitions of some substance about notable organizations no longer in existence.

Cathedral Films, Inc.
Catholic Fellowship
Church and City Conference
Church Society for College Work
Church Association for the Advancement of the Interests of Labor (CAIL)
Coalition 14
Confraternity of Unity
Episcopal Society for Cultural and Racial Unity (ESCRU)
Episcopal Women's Action (Diocese of Massachusetts)
Instituto Pastoral Hispano
International Order of St. Luke
National Steering Committee for Dialogue on Human Sexuality
North American Association for the Diaconate
North Conway Institute, Inc.
St. Margaret's House, Berkeley, CA
Seabury Press Publications and Archives
Seminary of the Caribbean
Spanish Hymnal Ecumenical Committee

Personal Papers
The Archives documents the lives of those who model Christian ministry and those whose work contributes to an understanding of the Episcopal Church’s polity and practice, of Anglican theology and worship, and of the historical basis upon which the faith community rests. Among the holdings of private papers recently acquired, in whole or part, and open to researchers are the following collections of personal papers.

The Rt. Rev. Leopoldo Allard
The Most Rev. John Maury Allin
The Rev. Evelyn May Ashcroft
The Rt. Rev. George W. Barrett
Mr. Dupuy Bateman II
Deaconess Harriett Bedell
Rev. Dr. Lee Belford
The Rev. Bea Billups
Deaconess Edith Booth
The Rev. Charles William Bradley
Rev. Robert Brooks
The Rt. Rev. William Montgomery Brown
The Rt. Rev. George Browne
Mr. Kim Byham
The Rev. Samuel Orr Capers
The Rev. Alison Cheek
Deaconess Annie Webb Cheshire
The Rev. Winston W. Ching
Ms. Pamela Chinnis (President, House of Deputies)
The Rev. John Claypool
The Very Rev. David Collins
Mr. Richard T. Corsa
The Rt. Rev. Arthur C. Coxe
The Rev. Alexander Crummell
Ms. Catherine Deahl
The Rt. Rev. Walter Dennis
The Rev. Roderic B. Dibbert
The Rt. Rev. William C. Doane
The Rev. Ian Douglas
Mr. Frederick B. Drane
The Rev. James K. Friedrich
Ms. Lucy Germany
Dr. Randall Giles
The Rev. Thomas Payne Govan
Ms. Elizabeth Boyd Graham
Ms. Katherine Grammer
The Rev. Percy Stickney Grant
The Rev. Robert Greenfield, SSJE
The Rev. Canon James Edward Griffiss
The Rt. Rev. Gordon Clinton Harris
Mr. David R. Hunter
The Rev. Samuel Farmar Jarvis
The Rev. Howard Johnson
The Rt. Rev. Paul Jones
The Rev. Charles Duell Kean
The Rev. James Kennedy
The Rev. Daisuke Kitagawa
The Rev. Florence L. Ledyard
Ms. Lucy Chaplin Lee
The Rev. Charles Henry Long, Jr.
Dr. Adair Loomis
The Rev. Juan C. McCarthy
The Rt. Reverend Bland Mitchell
The Rev. Leonel L. Mitchell
The Rt. Rev. Paul Moore
The Rev. John B. Morris
The Rt. Rev. R.W. Morris
The Ellen Sitgreaves Vail Motter Manuscript Collection
Dr. Ruth Myers
Dr. Floyd J. O'Hara
The Rev. William A. Perkins
The Rev. DeWolfe Perry
Dr. Nigel Auld Renton
The Rev. Jennifer M. Phillips
The Rev. George Maxwell Randall
The Rt. Rev. James M. Richardson
The Very Rev. Sturgis Lee Riddle
The Rt. Rev. Walter Righter
The Rev. Edgar and Ms. Marilyn Robertson
The Very Rev. Lawrence Rose
The Rev. Max Salvador
The Rev. Dr. Peter Gray Sears
The Rev. (Chaplain) Kermit Smith
The Rev. Bonnell Spencer
The Rt. Rev. William Spofford, Jr.
The Rt. Rev. William Spofford, Sr.
The Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong
The Rev. Canon Henri Alexandre Stines
The Rt. Rev. Albert Rhett Stuart
The Rev. Frank Sugeno
The Rev. George G. Swanson
The Rev. William H. Swatos, Jr.
The Rev. Beverley D. Tucker
The Rt. Rev. Arthur A. Vogel
The Rt. Rev. John T. Walker
The Rev. Canon Edward West
The Rev. John W. Wood
The Rev. Dr. J. Robert Wright
Sr. Marjorie Raphael Wysong
The Rev. Seiichi Michael Yasutake
Ms. Frances Merle Young
Mr. Lorin Bradford Young

Special Collections
In order to follow its mandate to document the historical dimension of the Episcopal Church, the Archives collects records that fall outside the archival bond with personal or organizational donors. These special collections are centered around printed records that have been distributed as part of the Church’s engagement in the public forum or published as part of its institutional dialogue. A sample of these special collections follows.

Archives Biographical Files
Christian Education Curricula Collection
Diocesan and Parish History Collection
Diocesan Newspaper Collection
Diocese of Connecticut Pamphlet Collection
Documents in Print - Episcopal Church Publications
Episcopal Journals and Serial Publications
Episcopal Life
Forward Movement Publications and Archives
Journals of Diocesan Conventions and Councils
Pamphlet Collection
Prayer Book and Liturgy Collection
Publications of Church Publishing Inc.
Reports and Proceedings, the Anglican Consultative Council
Reports and Proceedings, the Lambeth Conferences
The Spirit of Missions
Studies and Reports of The Episcopal Church

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