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The Living ChurchJanuary 15, 1995The Same Offer by BARRY E.B. SWAIN 210(3) p. 5

Bishop Bartlett of Pennsylvania's decision to appoint an episcopal visitor to traditionalist parishes in his diocese [TLC, Dec. 4] has been followed by his making of the same offer to our parish, no longer a member of the Episcopal Synod of America. St. Clement's withdrew from the synod earlier this year over concerns with its administration and philosophy, not over theological differences.

We are pleased at Bishop Bartlett's obvious interest in this reconciliation, and hope that the church will join in welcoming this new initiative. Bishop Parsons will be making his first official visitation to St. Clement's on Ascension Day 1995.

(The Rev. Canon) BARRY E.B. SWAIN St. Clement's Church

Philadelphia, Pa.