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The Living ChurchJuly 9, 1995Obituary -- John Howard Johnson211(2)

The Rev. John Howard Johnson, retired priest of the Diocese of New York, died May 24 at his home in Sea Cliff, NY. He was 98.

Fr. Johnson was born in Richmond, VA. He was educated at Columbia University, AB and AM degrees; Union Theological Seminary; Lincoln University, DD degree; and General Theological Seminary, STD degree. He was ordained priest in 1923. Fr. Johnson served on the City Missionary Society, New York City, and St. Martin's Church, New York City. He was chaplain of the police department from 1939-1971 and was trustee of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City. He was the author of Harlem, the War, & Other Addresses, A Place of Adventure, and Fact not Fiction in Harlem. He retired in 1965. Fr. Johnson is survived by his wife, Faith, a son, the Rev. David Johnson, rector of St. Martin's Church, New York, NY, and other family.