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The Living ChurchMay 26, 1996Different Approach by Barry E.B. Swain 212(21) p. 5

I read with interest "Bishop Dixon's 'Red Sea Experience'" [TLC, March 31], and was saddened by the comparison with our own Diocese of Pennsylvania.

We have certainly had the same friction among all the different points of view prevalent in our church today, but by contrast they have been dealt with by conversation and consensus, not by constraint. Bishop Bartlett has spent time understanding the concerns of traditionalists, and many other groups, and speaking for my own parish, we could not be more happy with the episcopal visitor arrangement which has come about through his leadership and pastoral approach. When we compare this to Bishop Dixon's power-thirsty approach, it suggests that the shepherd in that diocese seeks to rule with an iron crozier. If Bishop Dixon has had a "Red Sea Experience," her place in it has been in Pharaoh's chariot!

(The Rev. Canon) Barry E.B. Swain St. Clement's Church Philadelphia, Pa.