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The Living ChurchNovember 25, 2001Bishop Cochran Dies 223(23) p. 6

Bishop Cochran Dies
Alaska's Fourth Bishop Was 86

On Oct. 29, the Rt. Rev. David Rea Cochran, retired Bishop of Alaska, brought the last chapter of his memoirs, titled "Going Home," into the office of St. Matthew's Church in Tacoma, Wash., for proofreading.

Less than 24 hours later Bishop Cochran, 86, had himself gone home. He died quietly in his sleep at home. After his retirement in 1981, Bishop Cochran made the Diocese of Olympia his home and served as interim rector at St. Matthew's. While at St. Matthew's he also helped to start Holy Family of Jesus Cambodian Mission. That ministry now serves a large Cambodian population in Tacoma.

Bishop Cochran's passion for ministry with indigenous and ethnic people was well known throughout the church. Through his leadership and support, Canon 9 priests were trained and ordained in the dioceses of Alaska and Olympia.

Born in Buffalo, N.Y., Bishop Cochran entered the Episcopal Theological School immediately after graduation from Hamilton College in 1936. Over the years he served congregations in the dioceses of Michigan, Massachusetts, North Dakota and Olympia. In 1974 he was elected the fourth Bishop of Alaska. He is survived by his wife, Mary, sons Thomas and Philip, and three grandchildren.