Mexican Diocese Elects Second Suffragan

Episcopal News Service. October 11, 1979 [79286]

Mexico City -- The Rev. Claro Huerta, priest in charge of the Episcopal Church work in Jalapa, State of Veracruz, was elected here Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of Central and South Mexico.

Fr. Huerta's election took place on the fourth ballot at a special diocesan convention held at St. Andrew's Chapel.

This election was necessary because a special convention in May failed to elect two suffragans as originally planned. On that occasion the Rev. Roberto Martinez, rector of San Jose de Gracia Cathedral in Mexico City, was elected to fill one of the posts.

The Diocese of Central and South Mexico now has two suffragan bishops-elect to help in the missionary thrust of its vast region. The Rt. Rev. Jose G. Saucedo is the diocesan bishop.

Father Huerta was born on August 12, 1929, in San Martin de las Flores, a town near Guadalajara.

He graduated from St. Andrew's Seminary in 1952 and during 1952-53 he studied at the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Va.

Father Huerta was ordained deacon in 1953 and priest in 1955. He married Beatriz Pizana in 1952. The couple has three grown daughters.

The bishop-elect has served churches in Cuernavaca, Jojutla and Mexico City. He will live and have his office in Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico. The Episcopal Church has developed an active missionary work among an Indian community in Arroyo Zacate, near Veracruz. The responsibilities of the new bishop will include the pastoral and missionary work in that area.

It is hoped that the two suffragan bishops will be consecrated in March, although no dates have been set yet.

The Episcopal Church in Mexico was divided into three dioceses in 1972 and currently has 13,920 baptized members.

The other two dioceses are Western Mexico with Guadalajara as the see city and Northern Mexico with Monterrey as the see city.