Second 'Narnia' Book Set for Production

Episcopal News Service. February 11, 1982 [82035]

ATLANTA, (DPS, Feb. 11) -- The action packed adventure The Magician's Nephew, chronologically the first book of the famous Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, is being prepared for production by Ray Carlson of Glenray Productions and Theodore Baehr of the Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation.

On Jan. 25 Glenray Productions optioned the co-production rights in The Magician's Nephew from the Foundation. Under this agreement, the Foundation will be the executive producer and Glenray Productions will be the production company. It is expected that production will start within the next eight months, and be completed within the next two years for theatrical release, later to be released on commercial television and then cable outlets and worldwide.

The Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation has already brought to the television screen, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe which won an Emmy award for best production in 1979 and had 37 million viewers on CBS-TV in prime time. Based on the strength of that book, it has been decided to go first to theaters with The Magician's Nephew and then to television.

The Magician's Nephew is the exciting story of the birth of Narnia, an allegorical reflection on creation, full of mystery, fantasy, and adventure. Good triumphs over evil in this classic fantasy written by the late C.S. Lewis.

The Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation has produced radio, television, films, audio cassettes and other audio visual materials for the Episcopal Church since 1945. The Foundation is responsible for recording C.S. Lewis' Four Loves in 1958. The Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation is entirely supported by voluntary contributions.