Lexington Loses Two Former Bishops

Episcopal News Service. January 9, 1986 [86002]

LEXINGTON, Ky. (DPS, Jan. 9) -- The Diocese of Lexington recently suffered the loss of two former bishops. The Rt. Rev. Addison Hosea, who had only stepped down as Bishop of Lexington in early November, died in mid-December. His predecessor, the Rt. Rev. William R. Moody, died the following week.

Born in Pikeville, N.C. Sept. 11, 1914, Hosea had served as Bishop of Lexington since 1971. A graduate of Atlantic Christian College, he attended Union Theological Seminary and received his M.Div. and D.D. from the University of the South. He was ordained deacon in December, 1948, and priest the following June.

Hosea served as rector of St. Paul's, Clinton (1949-54), and priest-in-charge at St. Gabriel's, Faison (1949-51), in his native North Carolina. During that time, he also directed the diocesan youth camp and, later, its department of Christian Education. In addition, during those years, he was a trustee of the University of the South, a post he also held in 1970, and served on the Executive Council.

Hosea came to Kentucky in 1954, to be rector of St. John's, Versailles, from which he was elected bishop coadjutor in 1970. From 1954-59 and 1965-70, he was Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at the Episcopal Theological Seminary in Kentucky. In addition to posts on the diocesan standing committee and executive council, he also served as Deputy to General Convention in the years 1955-70.

In June 1944, he married Jane Eubank Marston, and over the years they had three children.

He was succeeded as Bishop of Lexington in November by his coadjutor, the Rt. Rev. Don A. Wimberly.

Moody, Hosea's predecessor, was a native of Columbus, Miss., born in 1900, who received bachelors' and doctoral degrees from both Hampden-Sydney College and the Virginia Theological Seminary. He spent the years 1921-23 as a teacher.

Moody was ordained to the diaconate in June of 1926 and to the priesthood in April of 1927, and he spent 1927-28 as priest-in-charge at St. Andrew's, Lawrenceville; Emmanuel, Callaville; and St. Mark's, Cochran, Virginia. In July of 1928, he married Cordie Lee Moncure, and they had two children.

Moody went on to serve as rector of parishes in Maryland and Washington, D.C. During that time, he held a number of diocesan-level posts, including first, secretary, and later, dean, of the Northern Convocation of the Diocese of Washington, and was active in Christian Education, as well as serving on Executive Council and the standing committee. He also spent a year as Instructor of Sacred Duties at St. Alban's School for Boys in Washington. He was trustee of the Cathedral Foundation in Maryland, 1940-45, and president of the trustees of the Episcopal Theological Seminary in Kentucky from 1945 until his death.

Moody was consecrated Bishop of Lexington in 1945, and served as its bishop until 1970, retaining the title Bishop Emeritus.