Pro-Choice Leaders Call for Responsible Action

Episcopal News Service. January 19, 1995 [95010K]

(ENS) Presiding Bishop Edmond Browning recently joined other church leaders in sending an open letter to leaders of pro-life groups, encouraging them to "examine the language they use and condemn rhetoric that dehumanizes abortion providers and pro-choice advocates." The leaders said that "to speak out forcefully and passionately against actions or policies one believes to be unjust and immoral is at the core of being American. But to dehumanize those with whom one disagrees is to set the stage for violence." The letter, which was sent to groups that oppose abortion, including Operation Rescue, National Right to Life Committee, and the National Council of Catholic Bishops, commended Cardinal Bernard Law of Massachusetts in calling for a moratorium on protests at reproductive health clinics as "a strong first step in de-escalating violence."