New Bishops in Dallas and Massachusetts

Diocesan Press Service. December 10, 1962 [V-2]

On Dec. 4, 1962, the Rt. Rev. Theodore Harper McCrea was consecrated bishop in St. Matthew's Cathedral, Dallas, Texas. The Rt. Rev. Arthur Lichtenberger, Presiding Bishop, was consecrator with the Rt. Rev. C. Avery Mason, Bishop of Dallas, and the Rt. Rev. Gerald Francis Burrill, Bishop of Chicago, as co-consecrators. Now Suffragan Bishop of Dallas, Bishop McCrea was previously the rector of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in the same city.

The Rt. Rev. John M. Burgess, Suffragan Bishop of Massachusetts, was consecrated on Dec. 8, 1962, in Trinity Church, Boston. Consecrator was the Presiding Bishop with the Rt. Rev. Anson Phelps Stokes, Bishop of Massachusetts, and the Rt. Rev. J. Brooke Mosley, Bishop of Delaware, as co-consecrators. Prior to his election, Bishop Burgess was archdeacon of Boston and superintendent of the City Mission.