Full Legislative History
Resolution Number: 1991-C041
Title: Urge Creation of Government Commission on the Rights of American Indians
Legislative Action Taken: Concurred As Substituted
Final Text:

Resolved, That the Congress of the United States be urged to authorize and create a Special Presidential Commission on treaty rights and civil rights of American Indians to study claims and disputes arising under treaties and other agreements with all Indian nations within the United States and to recommend just and equitable settlements of them; and be it further

Resolved, That the Secretary of General Convention be requested to communicate this resolution to the President of the United States and to Episcopalian and other appropriate members of the Congress; and be it further

Resolved, That the Episcopal Council of Indian Ministries be directed to monitor and to advocate for the fair and prompt settlement of the claims and rights of American Indians as provided for in their existing treaties and other agreements.

Citation: General Convention, Journal of the General Convention of...The Episcopal Church, Phoenix, 1991 (New York: General Convention, 1992), p. 270.