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Resolution Number Title Legislative Action Taken Abstract
2018-A178 Denounce Inhumane Immigration Policies and Advocate on Behalf of Migrants Concurred The 79th General Convention calls for a halt to punitive, inhumane, and unjust policies and practices by the U.S. government in its treatment of immigrants, especially women, parents, children and others with special needs, and urges advocacy for addressing vulnerable migrants.
2018-A286 Condemn Discharge of Non-Citizens from Military Concurred as Amended The 79th General Convention condemns the discharge of non-citizens from voluntary service in the US Armed Forces, and urges the government to honor its commitments to immigrant veterans.
2018-C009 Urge Church to Become a Sanctuary in Support of Immigrants Concurred as Amended The 79th General Convention reaffirms resolution 2015-D057 on giving sanctuary, urges members to oppose unjust immigration laws and practices; encourages church entities to act in support of due process for immigrants; and reaffirms comprehensive immigration reform.
2018-C033 Denounce Racism Against Immigrants and Advocate for Immigration Reform Concurred as Amended The 79th General Convention reaffirms resolution 2009-B006 on comprehensive immigration reform and directs that public policy advocacy for reform include Temporary Protective Status for refugees, DACA legislation for immigrant youth, and other family and human rights.
2018-C050 On the Topic of General Convention as a Sanctuary Rejected The 79th General Convention rejects a resolution declaring itself a place of sanctuary with the aim of giving aid to those seeking sanctuary at Convention.
2018-D009 Set Forth Christian Principles to Guide Responses to Human Migration Concurred as Amended The 79th General Convention establishes principles to guide the church’s response to human migration, urges Episcopal bodies to continue existing advocacy and consultations with UN and ecumenical bodies to respond to the global refugee crisis.
2015-D048 Support Immigration Actions for Youth and Parents Concurred as Amended The 78th General Convention urges support for government action on immigration reform intended to keep families together, and to continue advocating for immigration reform.
2015-D057 Recommit to Giving Sanctuary to Immigrants Concurred as Amended The 78th General Convention recommits to supporting congregations participating in the New Sanctuary Movement to assist immigrants.
2015-D061 Search for Scholarships for Immigrant Youth Concurred as Amended The 78th General Convention asks the mission program staff to disseminate information about scholarships available to immigrant youth, and study the feasibility of an Episcopal scholarship for this purpose.
2015-D074 Extend Temporary Protective Status to Immigrants Fleeing Abuse Concurred The 78th General Convention urges extending Temporary Protective Status to Guatemalans in the US and all refugees of violence, environmental disaster, economic devastation, and cultural abuse.
2015-D077 Urge Partnerships to Support Immigrant Families Concurred as Amended The 78th General Convention urges dioceses and congregations to partner with local agencies to provide support services to immigrant families.
2015-D079 Urge Church-Wide Assistance to Undocumented Persons Concurred as Amended The 78th General Convention urges dioceses and congregations to provide education and resources to help undocumented persons and families learn about their rights.
2012-D011 Urge Equal Application of Immigration Law to Same-Sex Partners Concurred The 77th General Convention urges enactment of law allowing same-sex legal domestic partners and spouses of U.S. citizens and permanent residents to seek resident status, and solicits support from dioceses and congregations for this reform.
2012-D059 Halt Unjust Immigration Enforcement Concurred as Substituted The 77th General Convention calls for halting the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s Secure Communities program and decries the use of racial profiling to question immigration status.
2012-D067 Support the DREAM Act Concurred as Substituted The 77th General Convention supports passing the DREAM Act to enable citizenship for undocumented youth, and encourages provision of higher-education scholarships to these young people.
2009-B006 Advocate for Immigration Reform Concurred as Amended The 76th General Convention calls for the implementation of several actions to mitigate the poor treatment and legal status of immigrants, especially youth, who seek to become US citizens.
2009-D076 Urge Immigration Equality for Same-Sex Couples Concurred as Amended The 76th General Convention urges the government to assure immigration equality for same-sex couples seeking permanent residence status.
2006-A017 Adopt the Principles of “The Alien Among You” as the Church Policy Concurred as Amended The 75th General Convention adopts the fundamental principles included in "The Alien Among You" as the policy of the Episcopal Church.
2003-C028 Support the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Concurred The 74th General Convention calls for support of the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride (IWFR) through the education of Church members about the importance of immigration law reform.
2003-C033 Urge Legislation to Expand Temporary Workers' Programs Concurred as Substituted The 74th General Convention urges Congress to enact legislation to expand temporary workers' programs.
2000-A053 Adopt Migration Ministries Mission Statement Concurred as Amended The 73rd General Convention adopts the Migration Ministries mission statement, "The Episcopal Church in Service to Refugees and Immigrants."
1997-D081 Develop Advocacy Agenda of Refugee Admissions and Asylum Concurred The 72nd General Convention charges the Episcopal Migration Ministries to develop an advocacy agenda for refugee admissions, asylum and access to essential services.
1994-D113 On the Topic of California's "Save Our State" Initiative Rejected The 71st General Convention rejects the resolution declaring opposition to California's "Save Our State" initiative.
1994-D132 Reject Racism Toward Immigrants and Request the Church to Respond Concurred As Substituted and Amended The 71st General Convention condemns widespread racist and unjust treatment of immigrants in political discourse and directs provinces and dioceses to develop programs to counteract violations of civil rights.
1988-B032 Request the ACC to Assist With the Settlement of Refugee Bishops and Clergy Concurred As Amended The 69th General Convention calls for steps to be taken for the employment, support, and maintenance of Anglican bishops, clergy, and lay workers who are forced by political or military circumstances to flee their dioceses in developing countries.
1988-B034 Commend Participation in the Legalization Program for Refugees Concurred The 69th General Convention encourages continuing Church participation in the legalization program established Congress to assist persons to prepare for permanent residency through education and counseling.
1985-D018 Call for Granting Immigration Status to Central American War Refugees Concurred As Amended The 68th General Convention reaffirms the call for the U.S. to offer safe haven to Central Americans seeking temporary refuge in our nation from civil strife in their home countries.
1985-D113 Request Congress to Reform Immigration Legislation Concurred As Amended The 68th General Convention calls the Congress to enact immigration legislation that recognizes the human realities of undocumented people in this country and that provides asylum for those fleeing political repression.
1982-A063 Encourage Relief for Refugees Concurred As Substituted The 67th General Convention commends efforts to resettle refugees and encourages Episcopalians to accept refugees in their communities. It urges fair treatment of Salvadoran and Haitian refugees and permanent status for political and economic refugees.
1982-D051 Urge Immigration and Church Sponsorship of Amerasian Children Concurred As Amended The 67th General Convention urges that immigration laws be changed to allow Amerasian children into the US. It encourages dioceses, congregations and families to provide for them and urges the Presiding Bishop to encourage sponsorship.
Resolution Number Title Legislative Action Taken Abstract