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1994 Reports to General Convention

Board for Church Deployment

Board for Theological Education

Board of the Archives of the Episcopal Church

Committee on Human Sexuality

Committee on Pastoral Development

Committee on Sexual Exploitation

Committee on the State of the Church

Council for the Development of Ministry

Episcopal Asiamerica Ministry

Episcopal Church Building Fund

Executive Council

Executive Council: Report of the Committee on Racism

Executive Council: Report of the Committee on the Status of Women

Executive Council: Report of the Economic Justice Implementation Committee

Executive Council: Report of the Environmental Stewardship Team

Forward Movement Publications

General Board of Examining Chaplains

General Theological Seminary

Historical Society of the Episcopal Church

Joint Commission on AIDS/HIV

Joint Standing Committee on Nominations

Joint Standing Committee on Planning and Arrangements

Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance

Presiding Bishop's Advisory Committee on Interfaith Relations

Standing Commission on Church Music

Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons

Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations

Standing Commission on Evangelism

Standing Commission on Health

Standing Commission on Human Affairs

Standing Commission on Peace with Justice

Standing Commission on the Church in Metropolitan Areas

Standing Commission on the Church in Small Communities

Standing Commission on the Structure of the Church

Standing Commission on World Mission

Standing Committee on Stewardship and Development

Standing Liturgical Commission