Collection: ESCRU

Silent Film of ESCRU Gathering, 1964.

Segregation/Separation Poster
Powerful imagery used by ESCRU, borrowed from the anti-apartheid movement.

ESCRU Logo Poster
A poster featuring the ESCRU logo.

Protest To Increase Black Clergy Placement
A protest demanding the dissolution of racial barriers in the placement of clergy, c. 1966.

ESCRU Third Annual Meeting
ESCRU Third Annual Meeting held in Washington, D.C., 1963.

ESCRU Badge With Logo
A badge featuring the ESCRU logo.

Pamphlet With Prayer For Unity Of All
ESCRU outreach materials employed powerful imagery.

ESCRU Statement Of Purpose
ESCRU Statement of Purpose, outlining the tenets of the organization.

Letter By John Morris, 1963
Letter written by ESCRU Director John Morris thanking Presiding Bishop Arthur Lichtenberger for his statement (also included) which called for Episcopalians to support the nation-wide civil rights protests, May 1963.

ESCRU Delegates Standing Outside A Cathedral
ESCRU delegates gathered in front of a Cathedral in Chicago, Illinois, in 1962. John Morris is front row center.