Black Colleges: A Continuing Legacy

St. Paul’s Normal and Industrial School (Lawrenceville, Virginia), St. Augustine’s Normal School and Collegiate Institute (Raleigh, North Carolina), and Bishop Payne Divinity School (Petersburg, Virginia) were the first and largest schools administered by ACIN. Later, Fort Valley High and Industrial School (Fort Valley, Georgia) and then Voorhees School and Junior College (Denmark, South Carolina) joined ACIN as schools receiving the largest percentage of available funds.

Fort Valley’s transfer to the State of Georgia in 1939 (though ACIN continued its support to the school) and the closing of Bishop Payne in 1949 left the core institutions of St. Paul’s, St. Augustine’s, and Voorhees as the only schools to remain under ACIN when the organization dissolved in 1967. [Sources]

  • St. Augustine's Basketball Team

    The 1939-40 St. Augustine’s basketball team, 1939.

  • St. Augustine's Biology Class

    Biology class at St. Augustine’s, c. 1935.

  • St. Augustine's The Bishop Ferguson Club

    The Bishop Ferguson Club, a unit of the National Student Council, at St. Augustine’s, April 1927.

  • St. Augustine's Brick-Laying Student

    A bricklaying student at St. Augustine’s, c. 1915.

  • The Only ACIN Chapter Of The St. Andrew Brotherhood

    The 1936 Brotherhood of St. Andrew chapter at St. Augustine’s - the only chapter in the ACIN schools, chartered in 1934.

  • St. Augustine's Carpentry, 1925

    Carpentry training at St. Augustine’s, c. 1925.

  • St. Augustine's College Choir

    The 1938-39 St. Augustine’s College choir, 1939.

  • Confirmation Class At St. Augustine's College 1958

    A confirmation class of St. Augustine’s students, 1958.

  • African American Faculty At St Augustine's

    African American faculty members at St. Augustine’s College, October 1902.

  • Girls Studying In Their Dormitory

    Studying in the girls’ dormitory, 1940s.

  • St. Augustine's Class Of 1937

    Class of 1937 at St. Augustine’s.

  • Two Tennis Players And Their Coach

    Students with professor and coach, Arthur Chippey, May 1941.

  • Cosmetology Class At St Paul's, 1958

    A cosmetology class at St. Paul’s College, 1958.

  • St. Paul's  Girls Sewing Graduation Dresses

    Girls sewing graduation dresses, a requirement at St. Paul’s, 1936.

  • Bricklaying Class At St Paul's, 1958

    A bricklaying class at St. Paul’s College, 1958.